Pagade/Chopat/Pachisi/Sokkattan/Pagdi Pat


Pachisi or Pagade has a history from the Mahabharat, where Shakuni, a part of the Kaurava team is the star player who defeats the Pandavas, their cousin enemies. There is a clear mention of this game that dates back to five thousand years. It is said that Shakuni had the power of rolling the dice according to his wish or the count that is required.

The same legacy has been brought forward by our great ancestors because of whom we have not lost the knowledge of playing this game despite the numerous attacks. More here.

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One of the traditional indoor games of India that comes with the strategy and a flavor of luck. There are several offshoots of this indoor game. But the standard rules are still prevalent in many parts of India. You can find more information about this game here.

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