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How different are fasting rules and benefits of Ekadashi?

It was our school alumni meeting. Therefore, with all the good old memories, we were discussing how simple and funny
Games History

What are the skills, rules evolved from history of Kabaddi?

One evening, we were in Talakadu, near the banks of mother Kaveri. Talakadu is a part of the Mysuru district.

Does Ashwagandha powder increase height?

I sat on a Sunday morning, searching for ways to grow taller. Currently, there is this trend. Besides, most of

What is the meaning of Yada Yada hi Dharmasya?

I remember watching TV Serial Mahabharat, like most of us. However, they rendered this shloka as a song. It was

Who defeated Alexander the Great in India?

Who does not know about Alexander (the great), a Macedonian King? He wanted to conquer the whole world. Moreover, his

How to pick patriotic songs in Hindi for school competition?

Lots of lyricists and music directors have written and composed several patriotic songs in Hindi. Moreover, it may not be
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