List of daily-use consumer products in India: Swadeshi

The best way to purchase an item is to find it at the store nearest to you by going through the Indian Products List. Yes, in this article let us see how, by adhering to simple principles of Swadeshi Movement or purchasing Indian products, we can help the local people, businesses, and subsequently the national economy grow.

The credit of starting the Swadeshi Movement goes to Ram Singh Kuka. He belonged to the Namdhari sect, who started the movement by instructing the Namdharis to wear only those clothes that were made in India. This led to the mass boycott of the British goods who were profiting from the goods sold here, only to rule us. 

This got further propaganda at the time of the partition of Bengal. To show their dislike towards the partition, Indians relied on the Swadeshi Movement by selecting the products from the Indian Products List mentioned here and started boycotting British Products. Besides, western clothes were burnt by throwing them onto bonfires. 

Bengal had produced numerous nationalists who had fought for Indian freedom. Since Bengal was the hub for all nationalistic movements, it was decided to be partitioned only to stop the freedom movement. Due to all this, our leaders decided to stand up against British atrocities, by ridiculing the decision, along with the Swadeshi Movement.

After the Bengalis were exhausted from trying the following ideas:

  • Vocal protests
  • Appeals
  • Petitions
  • Conferences

This was the last resort for them, more of an economic war. It took time to take momentum until it reached the masses. Once it reached the masses, there was no looking back. It served its two purposes:

  1. The mills of Bombay and Ahmedabad had suffered losses due to the advent of British clothes. This was revoked and made huge profits giving employment to many people
  2. On the other hand, because of the British goods’ boycott, the Britishers suffered great losses, like burning of the clothes in public, including salt and sugar

What started then is still resonating in the minds of millions of nationalists and Pakka Patriots. Though the Britishers have quit India, the commercial and mindset are still enslaved by the same western thought, as opposed to what should ideally have been, i.e. passion towards Indian Products List. The movement still plays an important role both emotionally and economically.

This has been confined to a particular class and is yet to reach the masses due to the failure in understanding the concept completely. Surprisingly, it is still believed to be a backward phenomenon that has no relevance whatsoever in this century.

On the contrary, it is certainly beneficial to any country in many ways:

  1. The dependencies that a nation has on other nations come down drastically due to the manufacturing and production of products in such a large scale
  2. The investment by Indians in terms of purchases returns back to Indians stopping money from entering the international market
  3. It increases the visibility of Indian products in the international markets, which enables inflow of money from other countries
  4. A lot of employment opportunities will be created for the local people
  5. The type of economy that will be followed, will be “by Indians for Indians”

This is absolutely not pertinent to this nation alone. Many, in fact, all of them have incorporated the same concept in their respective countries.

Read biographies and stories of some of the people who were directly associated with Swadeshi Movement from the below list:

Bal Gangadhar TilakAcharya P.C. RoyKhudiram Bose
Lala Lakpath RaiMadan Mohan MalaviyaPrafulla Chaki
Mahatma Gandhi
People who dedicated their lives for Swadeshi Products

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Indian Brand Categories

Enough of theory, hoping you are convinced, now let us start using the products that are made in India, which are extremely good brands as well. Their usage, as told earlier, will increase the economic status of what has happened over the last several years. 

Indian Products List

Let us dig into identifying some awesome products from the Indian Products List spread over in the various categories and start using them.

1. Toothpaste

The first thing we do in the morning is wake up and brush our teeth. Toothpaste companies that are our very own brands are listed below.

4Vicco Vajradanti
6KP Namboodiris

2. Mats

After brushing your teeth, it is ideal to do yoga asanas or exercises. For an ideal grip while doing exercises, it is best to have a good mat. Mats can be of premium plastic or cork ingredients that lasts long and is eco-friendly. Let us check out them from the list below.

3Eco Corner Mandala

3. Headphones

You can make use of your favorite music if you want to get inspired to do your daily exercises. You will be surprised to check out the Indian products among headphones

1Signature Acoustics

4. Sports Gear

Those posch sports companies are all thought to be multinational sports companies. To negate that statement, there are many ingrown companies that have been started here and doing really well

1Vinex (Racket)
2Nelco (Soccer Kit)
3Nivia (Running Shoes)
4SportSoul (Kneecap)
5TRUEREVO (Sports Shorts)
6Shiv Naresh (Tracksuit)

5. Shave

Be it shaving or taking care of the beard, the below companies have kits that cater to all such requirements. Times have changed and these companies know that very well

1Lets Shave (Razor)
2Bombay Shaving Company (Brush)
3Zlade (Safety Technology)

6. Soap

Soap with chemicals have unfortunately become a necessity in the name of cleaning the harmful bacteria. The following Indian companies do that.

4Mysore Sandal Soap

However, there are some eco friendly and skin friendly brands from our very country that are worth a try too.

7. Shampoo

Shampoos have to be extra eco friendly that are often not. The chemicals enter the pores through our eyes and might harm the eyes big time. But don’t worry, there are a few brands that take care of this in a mature way

1Dabur Almond
3Sri Sri Tattva
4Khadi Natural
6Jeevan Ras

8. Innerwear

For the people who wear innerwear, I am sure, would have experienced the dire need of quality compromising which the whole day will not be satisfiable. Try the below brands and they will help you out in satisfying your basic needs.

1VIP Vest

9. Cosmetic

When we see a lot of people making up their faces, more than their minds, it is very evident that the cosmetics have become the order of the day. Using the cosmetics with as much less chemicals as possible will save our faces from getting toxicated in the long run.

1Lotus Herbals
4Shahnaz Husain

10. Eyewear

To protect our eyes from the pollution that occupy all the parts of cities, especially when riding at high speeds, just the helmet won’t help. This is when the eyewears in the form of shades come in handy. Below Indian products have established themselves as excellent brands in this vertical.


11. Clothes

The very basics of the necessities that are a part of great fashion business is clothes. Without even knowing that these are Indian brands we would be using them off late. If yes, let us continue to use them, or else, we can start purchasing them.

1Allen Solly
3Numero Uno
4Flying Machine
6Indigo Nation
7Polo Classics

If you would like to wear ethnic brands, please purchase any of them in a local shop as possible. Getting them stiched is a better idea as they will be tailored to fit just you in addition to getting the numerous tailors in the country with a job.

12. Footwear

Apart from the ethnic brands, the following are the contemporary brands that are well known brands in this vertical. 

3Medlife (Healthy)

Again I would like to bring to your notice that the local footwear manufacturers have to be encouraged for a living too.

13. Watch

Some of the world known brands in watch from India are listed below. We might have to wait to buy Indian smart watches as there are no manufacturers in that segment as yet


14. Mobile

With the growing competition in the mobile industry, these are some of the good brands that are fighting the competition and succeeded in carving their niche. 


15. Network

With a lot of communication that people from across the world expect, the network they use is of utmost importance. There are networks that promise good connection based on which part of the country you are in. The following are the ones that were provided to us, right from within India.


16. Bag

There are a lot of stunning products when it comes to bags. Bags for both genders are available that are made in India. We have a lot of options to choose from if we are still not using one of these Indian products.

2Da Milano
6Lino perros

17. Automobile

Ashok Leyland is just for your information, if you don’t own a logistics company or a construction one. The rest are the rugged and vehicles made for Indian roads and terrains.

1Ashok leyland
2Mahindra & Mahindra
3 Maruti
4Tata Motors

18. Stationery

Numerous new brands have been introduced into the Indian market off late. The idea of using Indian products must start at a very young age and this is a good vertical for doing so.

1Flair (Pen)
2ITC Classmate (Books)
3Kangaro (Stapler)
4JK Paper (Sheets)
5Luxor (Books)
6Callas (Stands and Organizers)
7Apsara (Kit)
8Nataraj (Pencils)

19. Kitchenware

The involvement of Kitchenware in the economy is a great introduction to a common person in getting involved in the fight against foreign companies manipulating the Indian economy.

3Kaff Appliances

20. Hardware

Fortunately for us, despite a great competition from the eastern countries like China, Japan, Korea, we have the following brands started and maintained by our very own people.

5TVS Electronics

21. Musical Instrument

Musical instruments, especially instruments that are used in Indian classical are available in the local market, which are of very good quality. You can check them out here. However, the following are the electronic devices that are used in the Indian classical.

1Ekam Musical
2Punam Flutes
3Punam Flutes
4Drona India

22. Home Appliance

The following are the brands that are being used from a very long time. They are one of the most trusted brands in India. They are already being used by innumerable people from across the world. They are,

5Blue Star

23. Eatables

The following eatables are a mixture of old, emerging and recently emerged brands. Some of them have maintained their quality, while the others have been giving tough fight to some foriegn brands.

6Karachi Bakery
8Suguna Foods
10ID Batter

24. Drinks

Unanimously, Indian brands have chosen not to indulge in pesticide business in the name of food. So the following brands have very less usage of artificial flavours and the like. In fact, most of them are without them.

2Firness Mantra
6B Natural
8Auric Juice
9Raw Pressery

25. Television

When television was a luxury, people would not have considered them to be a part of the family. In a few decades, television also joined the list of smart devices. Television brands are listed below.


With all this information, the intention of us Pakka Patriots is to enable people to refrain from using foreign brands as far as possible, subsequently stopping the flow of money from outside of the country and start using Indian Products.