18 Indian Shirt Brands made in India by Indians

During the initial days of Swadeshi Movement, it was the clothes that were burnt, sending the waves of rejection of the British Goods. As they were a necessity along with food and shelter, this was the commodity that was given the highest preference.

Even today, clothing is one of the evergreen commodities that carries a heavy market value. As it plays a very important part in the movement, let us go ahead and have a look at the brands that are a part of the Indian company with founders, headquarter, and the year of establishment listed in the table for every brand.

If you want to read about Swadeshi Movement, please read this article. It also contains a list of daily-use consumer products that are made in India and Swadeshi.

Read biographies and stories of some of the people who were directly associated with Swadeshi Movement from the below list:

Bal Gangadhar TilakAcharya P.C. RoyKhudiram Bose
Lala Lakpath RaiMadan Mohan MalaviyaPrafulla Chaki
Mahatma Gandhi
People who dedicated their lives for Swadeshi Products

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Indian Brand Categories

Peter England

Though it was founded by an English company in 1889 by name Old England Brand, there were two major acquisitions of which the first one changed the name to Peter England, and the second one was brought by the Indian company, Madura Garments. The second acquisition obviously made the garment company Indian. Madura Garments is now owned by Aditya Birla.

1889MumbaiAditya Birla

Flying Machine

As cool as the name, this brand is the number one brand to have stepped into manufacturing India’s first Denim. It is one of the coolest youth apparel brands in the country, always into innovation, continues to experiment and push boundaries. Belonging to Arvind Fashions, a legacy in itself, this brand strives to be a trendsetter and never follows or copies its competitors. 

1980AhmedabadArvind Fashions

Allen Solly

Like Peter England, this is one of the old garments company that was founded in 1744 by William Hollin and Co. Ltd. Being an early entrant to the clothing industry, this brand was the first to introduce work fashion for women. This went on to get acquired by Madura Garments in the 1990s. This was completely taken over by Aditya Birla Group in 2001.

1744MumbaiAditya Birla


This brand is a subsidiary of Arvind Mills for casual shirts, t-shirts, trousers, and jeans. This brand was one of the few brands that were not acquired by an already existing company and were started with the sole intention of stitching casual clothing.

1995MumbaiArvind Mills

Monte Carlo

Established by Oswal Wollen Mills Ltd., this brand is a subsidiary of Nahar Group based in Ludhiana, Punjab, the textile hub of India. It was established by Mr. Jawahar Oswal, which is now a premium cloth brand of India.

1984IndiaJawahar Lal Oswal

Ruf & Tuf

Though initially started with the sole intention of selling jeans, as the name indicates, they slowly moved onto the shirt trading business that is truly Ruf(rough) and Tuf (tough). They are also a sister concern of Arvind Mills like many that follow.

1995MumbaiArvind Mills

Park Avenue

This brand belongs to a prominent brand of India, Raymond, the complete man, which was incorporated in 1925. This was introduced to offer men “Complete Wardrobe Dressing Solutions. To Park Avenue is one of the prestigious brands among India’s leading men’s Ready Made Garment.



Owned by Arvind Lifestyle, this brand is one of the licensed brands like Lee, Arrow, and other brands of Arvind Mills like Flying Machine, Ruf & Tuf, etc. 

1995MumbaiArvind Mills


A part of Arvind Ltd., they launched their first flagship Creyete Store in Bengaluru’s upscale retail mall, UB City. This Store is no ordinary store. It is a Custom-made menswear business where shirts are an integral part. 

2018BengaluruArvind Ltd.


Established by Kamal Kushlani in 1998, Mufti is a Mumbai based brand for men’s clothing manufacturing shirts, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Credo Brands Marketing Pvt. Ltd. manages and owns this brand.

1998MumbaiKamal Khushlani


In 1979 Mr. Irshad Mirza and Mr. Rashid Mirza established Mirza Tanners Pvt. Ltd., which later came to be known by the name Mirza International Pvt. Ltd. It all started small driven by a big vision with systematic operations. These qualities established Redtape as India’s leading manufactures of footwear that also diversified into clothing.

2006KanpurMirza International


The name Rodid was coined when it was established to provide comprehensive gears to all the riders, reflecting the mission and dedication to the extreme. The trademark comes with a tagline Wear your Gear, has a collection of rugged contemporary clothes.


Louis Philippe

An initiative from Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, Louis Phillippe is a division of Aditya Birla, which is India’s largest and fastest-growing brand in India. This brand defines class, elegance, and status, and stands for precision in craftsmanship that translates into clothing that is classic and contemporary, and perfect for a quintessential man.  

1989MumbaiMadura Fashion


Raymond is a group of companies and a brand in itself started in 1925, producing suiting fabric. This group owns the following brands:

  • Raymond
  • Raymond Premium Apparel
  • Park Avenue
  • Park Avenue Woman
  • Colorplus
  • Parx
1925MumbaiVijaypat Singhania


Launched in 1997, it is a menswear fashion brand for contemporary clothing. Over the years it has expanded its verticals to women’s fashion apparel and accessories. There are two brand ambassadors for Provogue, while Hritik Roshan is for North, Mahesh Babu is for South.

1997MumbaiSalil Chaturvedi


In the early 50s when the Founder-Chairman of Zodiac, MY Noorani, was a small trader, he was gazing at a few rolls of fabric that laid before him. This was a result of an order that was canceled by one of his clients. Converting it into an opportunity, the founder converted them into ties that he sold and started this very brand.

The early 50sMumbaiMY Noorani


One of the premium brands for men’s segment, this brand targets customers between the age group between 16 and 25 years. Killer Jeans, which also produces shirts is one of the largest selling denim brands in India. It was launched in 1989.

1989MumbaiKewal Kiran Clothing Ltd.


A leading youth fashion denim brand was established in the year 1992. They are very particular about their design innovation, new product launches, and creating fashion for young India. It offers a range of denim from catering to the classic lovers to the contemporary ones.

1992MumbaiPrasad Pabrekar

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