14 Indian Soap Companies made in India by Indians

You can have a look at the video covering all the Indian soap brands made in India below.

14 Indian Soap Brands made in India by Indians

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1990Karsanbhai PatelAhmedabad

It all started in 1990 when Karsanbhai Patel, who was working started preparing Soap from his home in the unofficial hours. After preparing the soap he used to go by a two-wheeler and handover the soap in person to his neighborhood.

This was the time when there were many foreign brands that were charging double the price than what Karsanbhai Patel was ready to give. Slowly people started loving the soap and it reached the neighboring towns, cities, states, and all over the country.

It was named after his daughter who died when she was young and the photo of the girl that comes as part of the branding is none other than his daughter. Sri Patel named even the brand in her name and it became a big Indian soap company.



Having been from the company that is accredited to be among the 100 most trusted brands. It belongs to one of the biggest and oldest companies owned by Indians. They are none other than Godrej.

Well, started in 1897, as one of the first swadeshi companies in India, and soon in 1918, their first soap is known as Chavi was launched without any animal fat. It claims to a pure vegetable oil soap. After a while in 1952, with Vinod Khanna being the brand Ambassador, Godrej launched its soap that is still doing well in the market, Cinthol. It is still the second-largest soap player in India. Incidentally, it was launched on an independence day that is 15th August.


1969VP SidhanChennai

Having its roots from one of Kerala’s most popular and respected families, this made in India soap was founded in 1969 by a member of the family called VP Sidhan. The famous family’s name is Cholayil.

Finding the enriched compositions from the family’s traditional wisdom found in ancient palm leaves and manuscripts, this family is known for enriching the traditions using modern ingredients and production techniques.

This hard work resulted in the birth of the famous soap Medimix. It has been a big brand for quite some time and continues to carry the weightage. Added to this brand are more brands like:

  • Cuticura – Soap
  • Cuticura – Deodorant
  • Cuticura – Talc
  • Lippo, Krishna Thulasi



The famous advertisement that this brand is known for is where a young lady, to the shock of the onlookers, is addressed by a child as her mother. This Soap was launched in India in 1986 and is to date one of the largest manufacturer and sellers of soap.

The unique combination and the natural ingredients claimed to have been used make this made in India soap brand unique and the reason behind the young-looking skin. This brand belongs to one of the biggest companies in India that have its trail in most of the verticals where business can be done – Wipro, including software.

Mysore Sandal

1916Sri Krishnaraja WadiyaBengaluru

In 1916, during the first world war that affected the exports of Sandalwood to Europe, there was an excess of Sandalwood reserves in Mysore province. So, the then King of Mysore, Sri Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV took a decision to manufacture Sandalwood Soaps, which resulted in the setting up of a Soap Factory, that to date has not compromised on the quality, making it one of the Indian soap companies setup.

This factory is still managed by the Karnataka Government and is now called by the name of Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited (KSDL). The Soap name is Mysore Sandal Soap since the Mysore King started it.


1930M ManalBengaluru

Started in 1930, established by M Manal, it is now one of the biggest brands in India. In addition to that, Himalaya supplied the below-mentioned places:

  • United States
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania

They have a whole lot of different products that they are selling worldwide. Having its headquarters in Bengaluru, their market share when it comes to Soap is much much more than what we can think of. What’s surprising is that we don’t get too see any commercial advertisements related to this brand. Their marketing strategy is perhaps different.

Sri Sri Tattva

2003Art of LivingBengaluru

One man started off looking after the body and started teaching the Art of Living. They established an Ashram in Kanakpura Road in Bengaluru that not only teaches but is into many social services. The name of the Ashram is Art of Living. Apart from having a holistic approach towards their manufacturing, the offshoot of Art of Living boasts of the following:

  • College of Ayurvedic Science and Research
  • A state of the art Hospital
  • Inspired Doctors and Therapists
  • Panchakarma Wellness Centers
  • Spas and Clinics
  • Manufacturing facilities, driven by technology and stringent control systems
  • Widely growing Franchise and Retail presence

Their ayurvedic soap manufactured from the above-mentioned environment is a good seller, especially among the well-wishers of the Art of Living.


1940SV ProductsBengaluru

SV Products started in Kerala in 1940 by CR Keshavan Vaidyar, who was an Ayurveda Doctor then. The company started by launching the product in the same year. This was a herbal soap and has remained the same ever since its launch.

In 2004, the Kerala based soap company was taken over by one of the largest Indian companies, Wipro, headquartered in Bengaluru. Since the company that took over is an Indian Company, we can proudly say that this soap is an Indian soap brand.

KP Namboodiris

1925Kolathappilly Pothayan NamboothiriThrissur

Another Kerala company that is into the Manufacturing of Ayurveda products that are of top class. Started in Thrissur city of Kerala in 1925 by its founder KP Namboodiri (Kolathappilly Pothayan Namboothiri), they have a separate department for their research.

Kolathappilly Pothayan Namboothiri being a member of the Kolathappilly Mana family, with the help of local Ayurvedic Physicians (which Kerala is very famous for) started this brand. They initially started only with Toothpowder which was called by the name “Dandadhavanachoornam”. Now they have a range of products that they offer.

Jiva Ayurveda

1995Dr. Pratap ChauhanFaridabad

When the three brothers who wanted to bring about changes in the neighborhood star in the realm of education, healthcare, and culture, they started Jiva Ayurveda on the first floor of their residence. However, the first clinic was built in their garage in 1992.

Their love for technology brought to the world the first website on Ayurveda in 1995, just three years after their launch of the clinic, and an app followed the website in 2003. Soon they started manufacturing their own products and one of the products that they manufacture is the Soap. There are different variations with respect to the soaps that we can find below.


2006Balakrishna, Baba RamdevHaridwar

Founded by Balakrishna and Baba Ramdev in 1995, the company entered FMCG in 2006 and came to be known as Patanjali Ayurveda. While Balakrishna holds 98.6% stakes, Baba Ramdev, the face of the company does not hold any stake.

His Yoga expertise has helped the company reach such heights. They are both bachelors and along with the products, they are into many philanthropic activities. It is listed 13th in the list of India’s most trusted brands from the Brand Trust Report as of 2018 and ranks first in the FMCG segment.


1992Vinita JainNOIDA

Based on the extracts of

  • plants
  • herbs
  • trees
  • their roots
  • leaves
  • flowers
  • fruits

the products are a byproduct of a blend of proven Ayurvedic therapies and 21st-century biotechnology. All their products are:

  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Organically Pure
  • Preservative Free

Khadi Natural

1963Sugrive SinghNew Delhi

Like the previous brand even Khadi Natural products are a blend of the following:

  • botanical extracts
  • nutrients
  • aromatic oils

They consist of a wide range of Skin, Hair, and Body Care. All the products that they manufacture are a part of their herbal/ayurvedic vertical and are formulated to suit all skin and hair types. Their specialty is their handmade soaps are both elegant and formulated by using original, time-tested balanced Ayurvedic prescriptions and are 100% natural.

Kerala Ayurveda

1945Acharya Vaidyan KGK PanickerKochi

With Kerala being the state with a maximum no. of Ayurveda related doctors, Kerala Ayurveda is one such brand that can boast of the following:

  • Over 350 Classical & Proprietary Formulations
  • Thousands of Acres of Herbal Farms
  • A Herbal Garden that leverage the beneficial effects of over 1200 Medicinal Herbs
  • Its own Manufacturing Facilities and R&D Centers

It was started 70 years ago and still maintains the same quality as its brand being one of its kind. Some of the more recent companies that have done really good are the following: Ajanta Soaps Abstract Naturals Birla Ayurveda Bombay Shaving Company Kerala Ayurveda Mukta Herbal Neem Tulsi The Coco Factory