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The role of Vidura in Mahabharata, Vidura Neethi, Philosophy

Introduction A great man who shines even in the galaxy of the mighty characters of the ‘Mahabharata. Affection did not dim his wisdom. Fearlessly he walked the path of righteousness. He showed the same path to others. If Dhritarashtra and Duryodhana had heeded his advice the terrible bloodbath of Kurukshetra could have been averted. “There…

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Vibhishana, the younger brother of Ravana who supported Rama

Introduction A devotee of Sri Rama and younger brother of the valiant Ravana, king of Lanka. He had great affection and respect for his elder brother. But when Ravana set him on an evil course, Vibheeshana boldly protested and tendered proper advice. When no alternative was left, he went away from Lanka, surrendered himself to…

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Ethics and Anger: Story of Chanakya fighting for freedom

Introduction He vowed to dethrone the haughty king who was harassing the people of the land. After fulfilling that vow, he made Chandragupta, the Emperor. He brought Amatya Rakshasa from the enemy camp to serve as Chandragupta’s Prime minister. His ‘Arthashastra’ is a classic of statecraft and is reverently studied even in Europe and elsewhere….